Trinidad Express / IS ASJA Girls’ College in San Fernando the perfect school?

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello attended the school’s prize-giving and awards ceremony yesterday and pointed out that, from his records, the school had no reports of violence or scandal.

Addressing graduates at the National Academy for the Performing Arts’ South Campus in San Fernando, Regrello said that, given the startling acts of violence and indecency at schools in recent times, “there are no recorded incidents of these actions at ASJA Girls’ or Boys’ schools”.

”The reputation of ASJA Girls College remains unblemished. The question that needs to be asked is this—what system of ideology has been engendered in these students that has yielded a consistent stream of successful and motivated young ladies?

“Without any signs of the scourge of violence and scandals that plague our nation’s schools…I believe that ASJA Girls’ College has found a way to inculcate an ideology of success and civility through the application of religious and spiritual values…and the national values of discipline, tolerance and production,” he added.

Regrello applauded the school’s principals, past and present, for upholding the ideals and noted that even though not all the pupils were Muslims, the values of the schools transcended social and cultural backgrounds, and which produced highly sociable and responsible young women.

“It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In light of this, many of our national currently-embattled schools would do well in mirroring the ideals of religious, spiritual, social and educational based here at ASJA Girls’,” said the mayor.

The school’s principal, Yasmin Rahaman-Singh, sought to explain how the college had gone about building what is considered one of the most academically successful schools in the country.

Rahaman-Singh said it was a combination of factors, which included religion, but which also had much to do with the commitment and input of the ASJA Education Board, the Parents’ Enhancement Association, and the consistently high performance of the staff she leads.

The feature address was delivered by chief meteorologist at the Trinidad and Tobago Met Service, Shakeer Baig.

Among the awards given out were trophies to the school’s eight scholarship winners this year.


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