The trinidad Guardian / Networking and developing relationships is an important part of the world of business said international motivational speaker from the United States, Pamela Cournoyer.

“This is where your money starts. This is where your business starts. Some of the biggest deals in the world are done on golf courses where people network. Networking is everything.”

Cournoyer who co-authored the bestselling book LifeSPARKS spoke at the recently concluded Shape the Event, Edutainment Conference at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Mt Hope.

LifeSPARKS is broken up into 23 chapters and Cournoyer contributed to one of the chapters.

She said when she just started in business she hated to go events and networking but eventually she saw the benefit.

“I did not understand the point of it, I saw no profit in it. I did not care what anyone said, it just was not worth it to me.”

She recalled having a conversation at an event with Ken Crane, CEO, VersaLogic, a large American company that contributes the computer components for missiles and other military technologies.

He informed her at the networking event that instead of sitting interviewing employees he prefers to meet potential employees at networking events.

“I am here looking for employees. I am looking for the person I will hire next. When people are at networking events and they have had a drink or two, the real person stands out.”

Despite social media and quicker access to information in the 21st Century, she told the Guardian after the seminar that the fundamentals of communication and networking remain the same.

“I see many pieces remaining the same, really the evolution has to do with the mobile phone. So I can talk to you and if I really like you, I can tweet something about it.”

She admitted that in the age of globalization and doing business in a world where different cultures exist, people must be wary and should respect other cultures in networking.

“There are so many different cultures going on here and it is all about being respectful and mindful of everyone.”


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