Trinidad Express / A Chaguanas police officer’s life was saved by his bullet-proof vest on Sunday. 

Police Constable Maraj of the Chaguanas Crime Patrol Unit was responding to reports of an intruder at a house in Edinburgh 500 when he was shot in the back. 

Police said Maraj was walking towards the house when someone fired a shot at him at around 1.30a.m. 

Maraj was hit in the back and collapsed.

 Police said he was on patrol when residents reported that a man was seen attempting to break into a house.

 Maraj went to the location and began looking around.

 Police believe the gunman was hiding in a dark area and opened fire of the officer as he walked towards the house.

 Maraj was taken to hospital.

 But officers said he was not wounded as the bullet struck his vest.

 The shooter escaped.


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