MiamiHerald / Rare that a food recall reaches a national fishing store chain, a Northwest U.S. farm and ranch supply store chain, a Midwest sporting goods/power tools chain and a Florida theme park. Rarer still that the recall reaches such disparate places on its third day.

But that’s what happened late Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon when two branches of Rucker’s and Shoreline Fruit recalled more brands of dark chocolate candy in the wake of manufacturer GKI Foods mistake that left milk off the ingredient list when the candy was shipped to buyers for repackaging.

That puts those with milk allergies at risk of eating the candy without being aware they’re risking reactions from mild to fatal. A shower of recalls ensued Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the broadest food allergy recall since June’s milk allergy recall because of breadcrumbs.

The latest dark chocolates pulled off the shelves:


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