Trinidad Express / A MENTALLY challenged man was shot by police in Tarouba after he allegedly grabbed a child from the mother’s hands and attacked others on Friday.

Police officers on patrol intervened moments after the suspect grabbed the child.

The suspect was shot in the knee and warded at hospital.

At around 9 a.m. the suspect was at fruits and food vending area near the Tarouba overpass when he allegedly smashed the glass panes of a show case owned by a doubles vendor.

The suspect also allegedly attempted to smash the windows of passing vehicles.

Doubles vendor Usha Samaroo said the suspect came to her stall and asked for water.

A woman and child were standing nearby and the suspect allegedly snatched the two year-old girl and ran off.

“We didn’t have time to give him the water as yet and we saw he grabbed a child from her (the mother). He was squeezing the child. We started to bawl ‘ Let go the child. Give back the girl she child’, “ said Samaroo.

Samaroo said a fruit vendor nearby ran to a Highway Patrol police vehicle parked nearby and alerted officers.

The suspect also allegedly grabbed fruits from other vendors and bit into them before throwing them at others.

Officers of the Highway Patrol confronted the suspect and he released the child unharmed.

Police said the suspect began pelting them with objects he found roadside.

The officers wounded the suspect.

Ambulances took the suspect and the child to the San Fernando General Hospital.

The child was said to be in stable condition.

Officers of the Southern Division Task Force and Mon Repos Police Station also responded.


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