Trinidad Express /  Get ready to scream because these desserts are simply to die for.

The folks at Cocobel Chocolate in Woodbrook are making some special treats just in time for Halloween.

Encouraging those of us who have a sweet-tooth to indulge, and then indulge some more, these chocolatiers have pulled out all the tricks to make these treats that can only be described as terrifyingly good.

From white chocolate skulls with cookies and cream mousse; to Halloween-themed macarons with pumpkin spice, the flavour combinations baked into each dessert would definitely have your taste buds singing says Manager of Cocobel, Martin Moutett.

Moutett said, “Cocobel was founded by Trinidadian architect turned chocolate-maker and chocolatier Isabel Brash.”

“At Cocobel, we realise that chocolate has the power to seduce, satisfy and heal the heart. We believe that our chocolate made from Trinidad and Tobago beans can be among the most potent and highly regarded in all the world. Cocobel’s aim therefore is to create chocolate that may be considered “food of the gods” – to give pleasure, to raise hope or lift spirits. In so doing, we believe that we are able to elevate producers, communities and our country as participants in an enchanting and purposeful chocolate adventure,” Brash said.

To get these sinfully decadent desserts only the finest chocolate would do.

It is a good thing you can find some of the world’s best chocolate in Trinidad and Tobago.                                                                         

Moutett noted, the cacao beans are harvested, fermented and dried at Rancho Quemado Estate, Palo Seco in south Trinidad.

He said, “They are then brought to our workshop at 37 Fitt Street Woodbrook, where the beans are sorted, roasted and winnowed and refined into chocolate couverture. Our uniquely designed artisanal confections are meticulously prepared by hand using traditional chocolatier techniques and incorporating a palette of local fruits flavours such as mango pepper, guava cheese, passion fruit, tamarind, coconut, coffee and rum. We also use a wide variety of herbs and spices such as cardamom, basil, mint and chadon beni, which inspires our array of bonbons.”

Moutett said, “Our Halloween-themed desserts are a part of our ‘Fresh Baked Fridays’. We do these speciality desserts on the second and fourth Friday of each month. It took a whole week of preparation to do these Halloween desserts. They were prepared by Brash, Raphaela De Silva and Alexandria Williams.”

The concept, Moutett says entices customers, and brings a welcomed surprised. Cocobel Chocolate has also Divali and Christmas-themed desserts.

On weekdays they are open from 10am-6pm.

On Saturdays from 11am -2pm.

For more information call – 622-1196.



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