The trinidad Guardian / Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has warned new graduates of the Police Service not to breach integrity because there will be no comprise.

He issued the warning during the graduation exercise of 160 officers-Batch 1 of 2017- held at Torenia Hall, Centre of Excellence, Macoya, on Wednesday.

He said too that the leadership of the service can guarantee that there will be no compromise when it comes to breach of integrity

Williams also advised the new officers to keep their integrity in tact otherwise society will not forgive them.

He told them the reason for his stern warning is that society has placed a lot of confidence, trust and expectation on the Police Service, and on this side (the Police Service), “we bring it clear to you that there will be no compromise should you breach integrity.”

He added: “We can teach you so much, exposing all skills of training, but at the end of the day all that has been taught will be of no value if we miss out on that pillar of integrity.

Your parents will not be proud of you if you fail them on that pillar of integrity and I have a good feeling your friend would not be proud of you if you fail them, everything spins around integrity.”

He said when someone becomes a police officer they are in a profession in which society place them at a very high point.

‘You are faced with different people in society with different careers, don’t abuse your power, treat them in the manner in which you were trained,” he said.

Williams also asked the 160 new officers to reflect on all the things they saw about police officers, especially the negative relations with the public as there are so much negative things said about police and their interaction with citizens.

“if you think about those negative things the list can be long or short, but with you there is hope for citizens,” he added.

He also appealed to them to embrace the words of wisdom offered by their instructors of the Police Academy.



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