RJR News / It has been revealed that more than a dozen Government-run schools have in the past year encountered security issues due to computer breaches.

This has prompted the Ministry of  Education to issue a policy guideline for schools that are acquiring a third-party School Information Management System.

In a bulletin issued by the Ministry, it was stated that during the 2016-2017 academic year, 16 schools using a particular system had their security breached by computer viruses.

As part of  efforts to ensure future integrity of  schools’ data, the Education Ministry has developed a policy guideline to establish procedures for the acquisition of  hosting and securing of  data on web/cloud applications from third-party service providers.

The Ministry says schools are advised to immediately adhere to the guideline, which, if  implemented effectively, will minimise unauthorised access to sensitive information on their information management system.

Included in the policy guideline are technical specifications, policy compliance details as well as definitions and terms. School administrators are encouraged to ensure that when they approach a potential vendor, the firm has a solid track record as well as the necessary skills and capabilities.

In addition, the school administrators must consider the vendor’s support matrix and privacy compliance.


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