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Senator Floyd Morris, a member of the Opposition in the Upper House, is warning the Jamaican Government of the significant risk it faces of being sued by disabled students when the Disabilities Act and its regulations come into force.

He believes this is likely to happen because educational institutions have not yet done enough retrofitting to comply with the requirements which will become mandatory.

His warning comes in reaction to a newspaper story on the weekend that a child has been out of school since September because of the lack of facilities to accommodate her.

The Disabilities Act of 2014 makes provisions for the inclusion of persons with disabilities, and mandates the modification of certain institutions to accommodate them; however, the regulations accompanying the legislation have not yet been completed.

Senator Morris, speaking Wednesday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines , argued that the Ministry of Education should start working with Members of Parliament to ensure institutions are compliant even before the regulations are instituted.

He believes that time is catching up with the Ministry of Education, which, in his opinion, faces the likelihood of “a lot of lawsuits if children with disabilities are excluded from the education system,” and therefore action needs to be taken soon.

He concluded with the assertion that the Ministry of Education “is very poor on implementation.”






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