MiamiHerald / Trump administration lawyers argued in a court filing Tuesday that a Pakistani prisoner, whose lawyers claim is being starved at the war-on-terror prison, is actually eating on the down-low and no longer needs forced feeding.

Ahmed Ghulam Rabbani , 47, “is not malnourished,” Justice Department lawyers wrote in a 35-page filing unsealed at the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. Prison camp monitoring of him has detected that he “routinely eats solid food.”

Moreover, they wrote, based on information that was blacked out in the filing, “He also frequently makes ‘smoothies’ as he desires.”

Lawyers for the captive have asked Judge Royce Lamberth to order an outside medical expert to evaluate him. They also seek release of Rabbani’s military medical records. They argue that U.S. military medical teams have “a new policy of medical neglect” that dangerously withholds regular nasal-gastric feedings of Rabbani, leaving him “precariously close to death.”


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