RJR News / Investigators are preparing to lay charges against one of  two men arrested in connection with the murder of  Corporal Melvin Smith.  

The suspect was pointed out in an identification parade yesterday.

“He has actually given a caution statement in other incidents … and he has also given us a statement in relation to one other robbery. He will be placed on ID parades for other crimes that have been committed, ” said Head of  the Manchester Police, Superintendent Wayne Cameron in an interview with RJR News.

He said the second suspect will be released.

Corporal Smith, who was attached to the Manchester Division, was shot dead on October 27 in Mandeville.  

The policeman, who was a member of  the Manchester Community Safety and Security Branch, was attempting to foil a robbery when he was killed.                                                                                                       

Meanwhile, Superintendent Cameron says the probe into Corporal Smith’s murder is not yet over.

“There is one other man that we are looking for who can assist us in completing this investigation. I will be releasing his name in short order, if we are not fortunate to pick him up over this weekend,” he said. 



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