Jamaica Gleaner / A local businessman is urging his colleagues to step up to the table and assist in funding the development of a comprehensive crime plan to address Jamaica’s out-of-control crime problem.

Chief Executive Officer of Jamaican Teas, John Mahfood, says he is prepared to donate $2.5 million towards funding the crime plan, which he thinks is a national emergency.

More than 1,300 people have been murdered in Jamaica since January 1, surpassing the approximately 1,200 people murdered last year. 

In an advertisement in today’s Sunday Gleaner, Mahfood says a crime plan is likely to cost taxpayers several million dollars, which people may oppose, but he says a comprehensive plan, with bi-partisan support, is needed to address the country’s crime situation. 

The prominent businessman says the Zones of Special Operation (ZOSO) will not have a meaningful long term impact on crime reduction by itself. 

He says although ZOSO appears to have made Mount Salem in St James safer, the initiative has not resulted in the capture of criminals.

He says a plan, with support similar to the country’s Economic Reform Plan, will be effective in reducing the country’s high crime rate.


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