MiamiHerald / As the operator of an orphanage in Haiti’s touristy seaside city of Jacmel, Daniel Pye provided orphaned and underprivileged Haitian children with a roof over their heads, schooling and a view of the outside world through movie night and internet access.

But Pye also had a darker side, several former residents of the missionary-supported orphanage testified in Miami federal court this week. He is accused of making multiple trips to the southern Haitian city from 2008 to 2011 to sexually abuse minor girls.

The case illustrates the difficulty of bringing Haiti cases to U.S. courts – a federal agent testified that Haiti’s 2015 presidential elections crisis had forced investigators to wait a year between interviews, and when they arrived in Haiti they were unable to travel to Jacmel because the U.S. Embassy advised them “it wasn’t safe to travel.” Yet it also reflects the determination of the United States to prosecute such allegations from a country where justice is often elusive.

Pye is being tried here because he traveled through Miami to commit the alleged underage sex abuse in Haiti.


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