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National Security Minister Robert Montague is promising that Jamaica’s shortage of  police personnel will ease over the next three years.

The shortage, which is due mainly to a high attrition rate, is hampering the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) in curtailing the country’s crime problem.

On average, 500 members leave the Force annually.

Mr. Montage told RJR News on Thursday that the government is working to add three thousand members to the Force.

He added that the JCF has significantly increased the number of persons it trains annually.

This, he said, was being done by adding more training venues, including the University of the West Indies and two community colleges.

Police stations

He added that the government will improve working conditions for the police as part of efforts to stem the high attrition rate in the JCF.

“When we did the exit survey, the number one reason for persons leaving is working conditions,” he revealed.

As a consequence, 181 police stations are being repaired this financial year.



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