The trinidad Guardian / The Annual New Play Festival 2017 continues this weekend November 10-12, with Toni Lima’s Bedbugs and Aryana Mohammed’s Sunrise Love to Sunset Hate. The two plays will run November 10 to 12 at the Big Black Box, Murray Street, Woodbrook.

Both plays received rave reviews at their premieres during the first weekend of the Festival, a release said. “Intense, raw, creative, confusing, symbolic and breathtaking” were some of the words used during the audience feedback sessions on November 4 and 5.Directed by Fulbright Scholar Michailean Taylor, Bedbugs uses The Mighty Spoiler’s 1953 calypso of the same name as a central theme. Four street dwellers-

Jabbers, Blues, Netty and Dollars-are free from the confines of modern society. Literally living outside the box, they maintain this sense of freedom through the lies they tell themselves and each other. But what will happen when someone dares to speak the truth?

Well-known thespian Che Rodriguez directed Sunrise Love To Sunset Hate, in which Milly, a model on the verge of retiring, is contemplating how to prepare for the new lifestyle change that awaits her.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Frank, sees this as an opportunity for them to finally start their lives together in marriage. What effect will her chronic fear of growing old have on their continuing relationship?

An annual project by Playwrights Workshop Trinbago, the Annual New Play Festival provides an opportunity for playwrights to further develop NEW work; plays that have never been staged, through workshop performances, with the assistance of dramaturges, directors, actors and audience feedback.

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Tickets are priced at $50 per play. For more information, find Annual New Play Festival 2017 on Facebook, email [email protected] and call 388-6238/351-6293


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