RJR News / More Jamaicans should have wider access to medication early next year due to a new service delivery system implemented by the National Health Fund (NHF).


Senior Vice President for Information Communication Technology at the NHF, Granville Gayle, confirms that the plan will expand the options for patients.

The NHF has a pharmaceutical division which also supplies hard to get medication to members of  the public.

However, there are often complaints that the drugs are hard to locate and are in small quantities.

Gayle acknowledges that the service level for patients is now at 80 percent, but this is to be significantly improved.

He says the service delivery model is to be launched in a couple of  months.

“If you compare public to private, private there are over 400 pharmacies in the public sector of the 24 hospitals, and very few health centres that offer full pharmacy care. In our new delivery model, we are taking over most of the public sector pharmacies, so we will have broader access to medication……we are also ensuring that from a procurement standpoint, we will have supplies available so hat when patients turn up at the pharmacies, they can be confident that they will get their medication,” said Gayle, who was a guest on Beyond the Headlines. 



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