RJR News / Opposition Senator Dr. Floyd Morris is reaching out to Prime Minister Andrew Holness to address the issue in the Senate which prompted him to walk out yesterday during the debate on the National Identification and Registration Bill.   

Morris wants instructions to come from the Prime Minister on how the matter should be handled.


The issue arose when several amendments were introduced for further discussion during debate on the Bill.

Morris, who is visually impaired, complained that the time for him to review the new amendments was too limited and there was much haste to pass the Bill before the changes were properly considered.


He insists that his walk-out was not based on a political stance, but because he represents other persons with disabilities and has a duty to them.

 For this reason he believes the Prime Minister’s intervention is necessary.

“I’ve had discussions with memebrs of the disabled community and I assured them that I would follow the debate vigourously so that their rights are not violated. I can’t understand why it was so difficult for members of the government side to adhere to my request .And I am certain, knowing the Prime MInsiter that he would never subscribe to such a move. I am personnaly calling on him to instruct the membrs of Govenrment to make sure that the information to participate in the legislation in the Parliament comes to me on a timely basis,” said Morris. 


He has asserted that the treatment he received plus not getting enough time for review breached his rights as well as the Disabilities Act.

“it has to do with my rights as a visually impaired person in the Senate. This shows that we are not where we are supposed to be in terms of understanding how persons with disabilities operate. It is very ironic that the government yesterday launched the media campaign to promote the rights of persons with disabilities…… they don’t understand the provision of the disabilities act themselves….” said Morris during an interview on Beyond the Headlines yesterday.



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