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What is the secret to happiness?

Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday believes he has found the answer.

“What can man do in a positive and proactive way to achieve happiness?” asked panday at his alma mater, Presentation College during their prize giving function in San Fernando last week.

Having been away from the political arena for several years, Panday says he had more time on his hands to search for the answer.

He said, “When I looked around as to what was happening in the world, I realised that many rich and famous people who appeared to have anything material they wanted had committed suicide. I did not think they would do that if they were happy.”

“Happiness was, therefore, not dependent on external factors. Its secret lay in the heart and in the mind,” he said.

“I began reading religious texts of some of the great religions with reverence and humility.”

“My search led me to the conclusion that the main objective of most religious texts was the happiness of mankind,” he said.

Having had such a long and colourful political career, Panday has made quite a few friends and enemies along the way. Today much has changed, he said.

Panday explained that after much soul-searching, the only way for him to move forward and truly be happy was to take negativity from his heart, and find reasons to love those he hated.

“That was easier said than done, I tell you,” he said.

Panday noted a key ingredient to happiness was love.

Those who were unhappy were generally filled with anger and hatred of somebody, or envious, or greedy pining over some unfilled desires, or their hearts were filled with bitterness or malice of some kind. The source of their unhappiness was within; it began in their hearts, he said.

Panday noted, when he left politics seven years ago his attitude to life changed.

“I am quite a different person now. The change came when I left politics, or maybe it was when politics left me,” he said.

“Today, I do not have a single person whom I can identify as my enemy. I can truly boast that I do not have a spiteful bone in my body and I have never been happier in all my life,” he said.


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