The trinidad Guardian / T&T drag racer Muhammad Ali, created history at the Haltech World Cup Finals in Maryland, USA this past weekend when he ran an Elapsed Time (ET) of 6.685 seconds at a speed of 217mph making him the fastest Nissan four-cylinder car on the planet.

Ali qualified for the drag racing World Cup this year when he ran his car in Orlando resulting in an ET of 6.765 seconds at 214mph. This new ET allowed him to compete among the fastest cars from around the world. The global event saw around 400 cars head to Washington.

The first round of qualifying sessions took place last Friday where Ali piloted his Nissan S15 Silvia down the quarter mile stretch to shatter the record. His success placed him at the number two qualifier spot for the eliminations.

Unfortunately, in the first round of eliminations, the clutch switch control broke, which caused the car to roll through the starting lights leaving Ali with a red-light loss, however still claiming the world record with the Qualifying Pass. In many ways, the mission was accomplished for Ali.

He said, “This is just the beginning, and with more and more support climbing on board, anything is possible. The goals have shifted a bit and the team is now after the record for the world’s fastest four-cylinder record held by Canadian team, Carl Brunet Racing, with a time of 6.22 seconds at 222mph. However, that mere 0.389 seconds is not an easy feat to accomplish.”

Ali’s crew is from Team Tekno Toyz Motorsport which included Miguel Aponte, Manuel Soler, Mark Mazurowski, David Libreros, Gary Stewart and Shane Tecklenburg.


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