The trinidad Guardian / As Carnival 2018 hastens, the mas camp of past Band of the Year winner Trini Revellers is already a beehive of activity in preparation for its tribute to one of the icons of Trinidad’s Carnival, the late Harold “Sally” Saldenah. Saldenah designed his first band in 1953 – Quo Vadis – and went on to win six Band of the Year titles before migrating to Canada in 1977.

One of Trini Revellers’ popular sections-Rugeri Promotions-is expected to be a standout in the Saldenah tribute as it depicts his 1973 presentation Fashionable Sailors from Paris. This will be Rugeri’s 13th presentation since starting back in 2006 with Anthony Cleopatra.

Rugeri resident designer Jennifer MacIntosh has put out a costume which Saldenah himself will be proud especially as it is without any of the now popular plumes, feathers, beads and wire bras.A Rugeri

spokesperson stressed that over the years they have always attempted to present a costume which represented the theme of Trini Revellers’ mas presentations. He told Pulse: “Nowadays, mas costumes can basically fit into any band and be called whatever is being depicted with spectators not having a clue of what they are looking at.”


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