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Senator Damion Crawford, Opposition Spokesman on Youth, has challenged the government to go further in its stance against corporal punishment against children.

Senator Crawford has asked for more concrete steps to be taken by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in dealing with the issue.

Mr. Holness addressed the matter in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

He declared that the time had come for the House to have a debate on the issue, so that it can declare that corporal punishment against children is wrong.

Senator Crawford has replied that this is not enough because the government can do more.

He argues that the Prime Minister should use its legislative authority to effectively respond to the problem through the introduction of a bill, which would not only ban “physical punishment” but also provide alternative forms of punishment.

Crawford, speaking Tuesday on RJR’s Beyond the Headlines , charged that the Prime Minister was “sitting on the fence to receive applause from both sides of the coin,” and urged him to be decisive in his approach.


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