Trinidad Express / SWARMS of locust are destroying crops of farmers in the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation.

Residents of Piparo are fearful of the locust threat facing their community and are calling for the authorities to increase spraying initiatives.

Locusts have been invading several communities for months.

According to the regional corporation chairman Henry Awong, the Ministry of Agriculture is aware of the situation and have been actively spraying to reduce the spread of the pests.

He said many areas have been affected, particularly farmers whose crops are being destroyed.

“The locust is moving from the Rio Claro area coming down within our districts. Farmers are really affected and losing their crops since the locust have the appetite for the vegetation. This falls under the Ministry of Agriculture who sent out field officers and are involved in spraying. But it is really devastating farmers at this time,” said Awong.

People are encouraged to report any sighting to the Victoria County Agricultural Office in Princes Town at 655-3428/7526/5637.


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