Trinidad Express / SHORTLY after police quelled yesterday’s riots along the Beetham Highway an expletive riddled voicenote warning of further protest action emerged.

The voice is that of a man who explains the reasons behind yesterday’s disruption which began around 11 a.m terrifying motorists heading both east and west.

The voicenote said: “Right now hear what going on. They f$#%^&* lock up we dawgs (very good friends) and we eh taking that just so.”

He continued: “This is how we just want we justice and we will f&*%^&* burn rubbish in the road. We will burn tyres and we will burn f*%^&* pallets and anybody passing on the f$%^&*# Beetham we going to rob alluh mother$%^% on the Beetham anytime we see alluh passing.”

He said: “And the f#$%^&* main road (Eastern Main Road) and the f%^&*$ bus route, we blocking that too and well the police cannot tell we nothing as we will f$%^ up the police too until we dawgs them come back out.”

He ended: “So hear what to do. Alluh better stay humble and stay the f*^$ out we way because we will f$#^ up anything and anyone that we see.”


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