The trinidad Guardian / I recently saw a meme that depicted the typical stages of evolution-ape gradually straightening up to man. Except in this meme the modern man was turned facing the others pointing them to go back and the caption said, “Go back, we’ve messed up everything,” (for the true caption, replace “messed” with a less print-friendly word).

I laughed at it, but honestly, the truth in that meme is sad.

We have become so progressive that most of our resources are being spent trying to bring about world peace, discovering medicines to cure diseases we created and inventing stuff to help save the earth we destroyed.

Sadly, this meme even made me think of modern parenting and the statement made by best-selling author Simon Sinek, “millennials have been subjected to failed parenting strategies.”

Everywhere I turned, this reality seemed to be staring me in the face.

My cameraman and I were doing man-on-the-street interviews and ninety per cent of the people we interviewed put parenting as the number one reason for the increase in violence. (One guy was stoned and the other person said violence in schools hasn’t increased).

What bothers me about this whole thing is this-rather than facing this harsh truth and committing to finding a solution we now turn to sympathy clubs and mom bloggers that tell us it’s okay.

Do I think we need support? Totally. But do I think it’s okay for us to be told “just do the best you can?” No. That is simply a message I cannot endorse.

We have become so afraid of being deemed as judgmental that we are now afraid of calling out people who are lacking in basic adulting.

As with everything, we’ve gone too far. One generation was too cruel, too condescending and too militant, so the next threw it all out the window and started giving participation medals to make everyone feel like a winner (read this in your cheeriest, highest pitched tone possible).

Is mental health real? YESSSSS. Do we need to take care of ourselves? One hundred per cent YES!

But if we are to really be honest with ourselves, we may conclude that some of us may be using it as a cop-out to doing basic stuff. We’ve abused the awareness campaigns and that can only backfire on us.

The world has become over-competitive. The work life balance has become harder to maintain and just being a mom isn’t too socially cool anymore. I get all of that.

But what I also get, is the fact that all the studies seem to be showing that the human race isn’t doing too well and loads of the blame seem to be pointing towards family life.

How do we fix it?

In an attempt to avoid sounding too unkind, I won’t give specifics. But I will urge everyone to find the support they need and make the tough decisions that need to be made. Let’s commit to putting our families’ needs first. Not theoretically first, but first in reality. And not the social media kind of reality. The behind-the-camera type that’s really reality.

Marsha L Riley: [email protected]


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