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There could be an extension of the traffic ticket amnesty.

National Security Minister Robert Montague confirmed on Tuesday that consideration is being given to allowing more time for motorists to pay outstanding traffic tickets.

The three month amnesty ended at midnight Tuesday.

Mr. Montague told the House of Representative that an extension might be announced, “based on the overwhelming amount of calls to the ministry and to TAJ (Tax Administration Jamaica) and to the police for an extension, because some persons are saying that they just couldn’t put the funds together immediately.”

Accordingly, he said, Cabinet will be asked to give favourable consideration to the matter.

“In that light, we will be looking at small extension to the ticket amnesty,” he said.

An extension of the amnesty will have to be approved by both Houses of Parliament.

Preliminary figures show that TAJ collected more than $90 million on the final day of the traffic ticket amnesty.

That figure was expected to increase  as some persons were allowed to pay their tickets online up to midnight.



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