The trinidad Guardian / The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) is inviting members of the business community to participate in a survey which has been specially designed to gather information about the challenges they are facing as a result of the lack of foreign exchange.

In a release yesterday, officials said the move was undertaken as they continued to note the, “Heightened frustrations among members of the business community, spurred on by a general uncertainty about access to foreign exchange and its limited local availability.”

The TTCIC acknowledged the negative impact that has occurred from what they described as an “untenable situation.”

They said although concerns had been well documented in the public domain, “Sadly, the situation has persisted with no sign of resolve.”

The TTCIC said it continued to pose a real challenge to local businesspeople.

In response to numerous calls by the business community, the TTCIC decided to poll respondents about the precise nature of the problems they have been facing.

The TTCIC said, “We believe that any attempt to bring relief to this prevailing situation must be driven by factual data captured from the business sector.”

“Only then would it be possible to begin working with the authorities to explore avenues to potentially ease this critical challenge which has put a veritable strain on our economy.”

The TTCIC is inviting the business community to register their concerns by participating in the forex survey designed by the Chamber’s Trade and Business Development Unit.

Persons wanting to participate are encouraged to send their corporate email address to be included in the survey, which will be disseminated in the next few days.

The TTCIC said based on the responses received, they will then provide a comprehensive statement on the matter moving forward.


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