The trinidad Guardian / I am a Canadian who has loved and visited T&T since 1983. In 1984 and 1985 I produced programming on Carnival for Toronto’s City-TV. I disagree with some commentators and letter writers that the tourism problem can be “solved” by adding thousands of hotel rooms with franchises like Sandals, or adding novel entertainments.

What Tobago has right now-modest hotels and B&Bs, festivals and artisans, conservation areas and natural beauty everywhere-is enough to attract the kind of tourists that could make a difference.

The problem is, T&T’s tourism promoters do not promote. I have never once seen an ad in the travel sections of any Canadian newspaper or magazine, the pages where every other island in the Caribbean places regular advertising and, in return, gets regular feature articles.

In my opinion, T&T should advertise very directly to tourists who like to mix with local people and not be isolated in mega-resorts; people who like to try new food, walk in the forests, enjoy the flora and fauna and hospitality.



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