RT / US President Donald Trump said he “never knew we had so many countries” until he received congratulatory phone calls from world leaders after his election victory. That remark has, unsurprisingly, prompted a Twitter storm. Speaking during a Monday press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Trump said his relationship with the leader “got off to quite a rocky start because I never ran for office, and here I am… so I wasn’t very experienced. And after I had won, everybody was calling me from all over the world. I never knew we had so many countries.”

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It didn’t take long for the Twittersphere to explode in outrage and mockery, with iconic pop star Cher leading the charge by calling the president “more of [a] f***ing imbecile than I thought.”

Ok,Trumps more of fkng imbecile than I thought.


— Cher (@cher) November 7, 2017 One person brought a bit of humor to the situation, asking if Miss South Carolina from Miss Teen USA 2007 was actually Trump’s “love child.” The link was made due to an incoherent answer about “maps” and “the Iraq” made by the beauty pageant contestant, which at the time went viral.

Is she 45's love child? 45 in Japan, "We never knew there were so many countries!" Has he seen a globe or atlas?


— ProfHelen (@Helenhs) November 7, 2017 In another pageant-related tweet, one user pointed out the irony in Trump’s statement. “He ran Miss Universe for 20 years. Where did he think all those contestants were from?” the person wrote.

Trump: "I never knew there were so many countries"

He ran Miss Universe for 20 years. Where did he think all those contestants were from?

— lehmo (@lehmo23) November 7, 2017 Another user went straight to the point. “If Trump has an IQ, he isn’t using it,” they wrote.

Trump told Japanese dignitaries he never knew there were so many countries until he was elected

If Trump has an IQ, he isn't using it

— Don't Leave Blank (@WTFisGoingOnDon) November 6, 2017 Actor and director Charlie Adler suggested that perhaps Trump could brush up on his geography in the “prison library.” The statement is an apparent reference to what the US president’s critics believe are impeachable offenses committed by the POTUS.

@realDonaldTrump #Moron maybe in the prison library you will learn geography and much more !

— Charlie Adler (@charlie_adler) November 7, 2017 The responses also went global, with a politician from India stating: “I feel for you America, stay strong.” He concluded his tweet with the hashtag #WTF.

I feel for you America, stay strong.

Trump tells Japanese, "I didn't know there were so many countries in world until I was elected" #WTF !! pic.twitter.com/MHMsIUEapO

— Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) November 7, 2017 Trump’s visit to Japan was part of a 12-day Asian tour aimed at urging the international community to place maximum pressure on North Korea over its nuclear program. The US president departed Japan for South Korea on Tuesday, where pro- and anti-Trump protesters gathered on the streets of Seoul. He will also head to China, Vietnam and the Philippines before returning to the White House.


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