Trinidad Express / Calvary Hill, Arima, is facing the worst water shortage in decades.

But at the weekend a Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) truck rolled in to deliver water at a nearby bar hosting a bikini car wash, said Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian.

Morris-Julian intends on writing Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte on the issue.

The matter was raised at the Arima Borough Corporation monthly statutory meeting on Tuesday.

Morris-Julian said for the past three weeks residents of Arima, in particular Calvary Hill have been complaining of dry taps.

She said, “However, on Calvary Hill there is a particular bar and on a particular weekend, this last weekend gone, where there is no water in Eleanor Gardens, no water in Calvary a WASA truck came to give water for a bikini car wash, while the Children Home did not have water, while elderly people calling me begging me for assistance with the water truck.”

Morris-Julian said she was informed that the bar owner was closely affiliated with the utility.

She added, “It is alleged that the owner of the bar is also the person who controls the water trucks.  It is ridiculous that people would suffer and the people with the power to help would not help but would support a bikini car wash.”

Morris-Julian said she was not prepared to sit idly by and allow the injustice to continue. She said the Arima council was always being attacked by residents when there was no running water in their taps.

“We cannot turn to our burgesses and say we not working WASA especially when people who are working WASA are using whatever facilities to see about themselves. I will be writing the new Minister of Public Utilities about this matter,” she said.


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