MiamiHerald / Screen setting in the NBA is often a job that doesn’t come with a lot of glory – unless the ball finds its way back to the man sacrificing his body to free up his teammate.

Hassan Whiteside has often been on the rewarding end of those pick-and-roll situations, catching lobs from his teammates for easy dunks. Other times, he’s let his teammates down by not committing himself nearly long enough to set a good screen, leaving too early in search of the lob and hurting the Heat’s offense.

Wednesday night, though, wasn’t one of those instances. Before the Heat ended the Boston Celtics’ 16-game winning streak, Miami’s $98 million center stood up in front of teammates in the locker room prior to the game, according to tri-captain James Johnson, and promised he was going to do a better job setting screens.

Then, he went out and did it.


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