The trinidad Guardian / The result of the decision of Vasant Bharath to cross swords with former Prime Minister, now Opposition Leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar for leadership of the party is a foregone conclusion.

Anyone, north of the Caroni, who tries to lead the Indian-based party will be decimated with the vengeance of moko. The core base of the UNC resides in the heart of the lagoon and no one that is non-resident of the swamp land shall prevail.

Ask Winston Dookeran. His mantra of “getting the politics right” fell abysmally short of the expectations of people of the UNC heartland. His “Mr clean” image did not resonate with the psyche of the worshippers of “channa and aloo” politics.

The culture of South chelas, are quite the opposite of practitioners of “knife and forks” Indian.

So Vasant coocoo cook already, long before he starts. No north Indian will ever see the light of day should they try to take the throne from their guru, who must come from amongst one of them from south of the Caroni.

Their leaders must be of their “world view.” They must walk the trenches, they must join the rum shops crowd and choosay dahru if ever you want to lead. You must have a history of being, “one of them” for you to prevail. You have to be a Basdeo Panday, who walked amongst the poor and down trodden, who identified with their cause. Winston Dookeran could not cut it, and so too will Vasant, as he faces his political Waterloo. They have never identified with the culture of the heartland Indians.

Dookeran at the height of his political career had won the admiration of the third force, and with the support of the UNC would have destroyed the PNM, but the heartland did not identify with a knife and fork Indian coming from the north of the Caroni. Patrick Manning and the PNM won as a minority government as the UNC was prepared to surrender office in order to prevent one of their own, but who resides north of the Caroni, from taking power.

When Carlos John was endorsed by then Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday, for Deputy Leader of the UNC, he was severely thrashed by then AG, Ramesh L Maharaj. This was seen as an affront on the beleaguered Basdeo Panday, who was facing his own legal battle. The supporters saw this as an attempt to foist a non Indian, who also comes from the bosom of the parasitic oligarchy and most important, north of the Caroni. Carlos John was seen as an heir apparent to his guru Basdeo Panday, but the heartland would have none of that and he was severely trounced.

If even Ian Alleyne should compete against Kamla and Vasant, he will give Kamla a run for her money. He meets the criteria but lacks the intellectual capacity. And for Vasant… well, he also ran.

NB, Jack Warner, almost made it, as he somewhat qualified with the above criteria, but fell short as he lacked the main ingredient.

Robert Ramsamooj


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