MiamiHerald / “Observed a live rodent floating inside the middle compartment of triple sink in kitchen area with soiled food containers.”

That note is from a restaurant inspector’s report that noted mostly rodent droppings. So, let’s not tarry in getting to our listing of the 12 Miami-Dade and Broward restaurants cited for rodent activity over the last month. The Rodent Report comes from state inspection reports without passion or prejudice (but with a little humor).

First, the restaurants in which the presence of rodents played a role in them getting shut down for the day or more:

?  BG Whiskey Creek Hideout, 6503 N. Ocean Dr., Dania – The rodents found the Hideout by Tuesday, considering the inspector saw dry rodent poop droppings in 12 places: two on the bottom shelf of the prep table in the kitchen, five on the bottom shelf of the prep table under cutting boards, five on the floor under microwave, seven in front by the sunglasses case, two on top of the keg cooler under the plastic cup shelf, 30 behind the flip top cooler by the kitchen door, 20 behind the flip top cooler next to the steam table and ice machine, 10 behind the oven/ flat top grill, two by the hand washing sink and first aid kit, 30 under shelves in the storage area in kitchen, 20 by the mop sink and under chemical rack, 10 by the back door. Also, not seen in the employee restroom were soap, hand towels or any hand drying mechanism. Fish dip, American cheese and coleslaw that had been made at the restaurant more than a day before had no dates on them. At least the pan of rice that had been sitting there almost a month was marked as having been made Nov. 15. Pre-cooked chicken wings in a flip-top cooler had been there since three days previous. They got tossed after time and temperature violations drew a stop-sale order. The same happened with “two dozen rolls with green mold in wood cabinet on wall in kitchen.” Also spotted: “dead flies and dead spiders along wall next to microwave.” There wasn’t total compliance during Friday’s re-inspection, but the Hideout got a time extension (granted when the inspector rules the establishment is trying to fix things, but can’t for reasons beyond its control).


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