Trinidad Express / The recent funeral of my 91-year-old uncle Holly Kublalsingh, one of my father’s elder brothers, reminded me of our nation’s complex cross-cultural histories.

Holly Kublalsingh lived most of his adult life in Bournes Road, St James, and Victoria Gardens, Diego Martin. He had made some crossings. Graduating from Naparima College he had worked at accounts, at the Forres Park Sugar Company in Claxton Bay. The company had been Scottish-owned. The owners were the Hendersons. When Forres Park shut down he worked for many years as an accountant at Agostini’s in the capital city. He gave himself to the Nazarene Church; the church gave itself to him; at the funeral, the pastors were stately tall Trinis in dapper suits; the ladies were genial, gracious, grateful; they respected my uncle.


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