Trinidad Express / A POLICE officer in custody in connection with the escape of alleged fraudster Vicky Boodram, has allegedly confessedĀ  to assisting her.

The officer has allegedly changed his initial statement to police that he knew nothing of an escape plot by Boodram.

He had previously claimed to officers of the Professional Standards Bureau when he was arrested on Tuesday that he and a female special reserve police officer were performing officially sanctioned police duties when they picked up Boodram at the Women’s Prison, Golden Grove.

Whether he did if for money or love, is being unraveled.

The male and female officer arrived at around 5.15 p.m. in a marked Nissan X-trail and handed over a document requesting Boodram to appear before a magistrate in the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court.

A senior prison officer was contacted and he gave permission for Boodram to be taken away in the custody of the two police officers.

Investigators have since uncovered that the female SRP was dropped off at her home and the male constable and Boodram drove off.

Footage of closed circuit television cameras showed that the male officer parked the police vehicle in the back of the Tunapuna Police Station shortly after 6 p.m.

Boodram was not seen in the footage.


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