Trinidad Express / MOTHER OF three Alisha Mohammed had been receiving death threats over a land dispute and had made several reports to police.

Mohammed was shot and killed today on property she was fighting to keep.

Mohammed, 45, of John Peter Road, Charlieville, was shot in the head when the killers broke into the house at around 4 a.m.

Police said she and her husband were asleep when the killers dragged them out of their beds and tied them in separate rooms.

Mohammed, a domestic helper, was shot several times.

Her husband, a labourer, was spared.

Police described her killing as “a hit”.

A senior detective said Mohammed lived in the two-bedroom wooden house for most of her life.

She had three children from a previous relationship, but they did not live with her.

One of the children is a police officer in the Southern Police Division.

Mohammed had been in a relationship with her husband for the past five years.

Police said she had received several threats over a land dispute, and reports had been made to the Chaguanas Police Station over the last few months.

Mohammed is the 46th woman to be killed for the year.


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