Trinidad Express / A truck driver collapsed and died at a supermarket in south Trinidad on Thursday, leaving at least one person who tried to save him asking whether his death could have been prevented by the timely arrival of an ambulance.

Dereck Singh, who worked for manufacturing company Albrosco Limited, was reported to have been making a delivery to a supermarket at Union Hall Gardens when he fell ill and subsequently passed away.

One customer at the time, Connell Neptune, told the Express that he noticed Singh sitting on a stack of cases of goods when he entered the supermarket on Thursday morning.

Neptune said when he was leaving, he saw Singh laying down on the cases and he appeared to be frothing at the mouth and shaking somewhat.

“I thought he was having an attack of epilepsy,” Neptune said yesterday in a telephone interview.

Neptune, who had just before dropped his off to school, sought the assistance of another person in the supermarket and they put Singh on the ground.

“We tried to position him correctly and make sure that he did not bite his tongue or swallow it,” Neptune said.

Traumatised by the incident, Neptune said it took over an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive, during which all efforts to keep Singh alive failed.

“When the ambulance arrived, it was really just to pronounce him dead,” Neptune said.

Neptune posted brief footage of the incident on Facebook on Thursday and said he was emotional at time over Singh’s death as well as an “unacceptable” delay in the arrival of the ambulance.

“I believe it is possible that he would have been saved if he had gotten medical help in time,” Neptune said.

Albrosco’s managing director Andrew Aleong has described Singh’s death as a loss to the company and said staff who were familiar with him are now traumatised.

Aleong said Singh was a very private person and the company was not aware of any medical issues he may have been facing.


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