Trinidad Express / THERE is a brain damaged father lying on a bed at his family’s humble house in South Oropouche at this moment, his life destroyed by the bullet of a criminal’s gun.

The people who did this to Rakesh Ramkaran were never caught.

Ramkaran was the sole breadwinner, was shot in the head on March 16.

He was working as a security guard at Ramkal Roofing, Katwaroo Trace in Penal, when two thieves entered the compound in an attempt to rob the place.

Instead, Ramkaran became the target.

The 26-year-old, of Red Brick Trace, South Oropouche was found slumped in the guard booth by another employee.

Ramkaran’s sister Daminie told the Express that the family will have a dreadful Christmas.

Their only wish is for Ramkaran to speak to them.

NOTE: The full story will be published in the Tuesday edition of the Trinidad Express newspaper.


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