Trinidad Express / POLICE constable Anand Ram who was shot while responding to a robbery in Marabella two weeks ago, spent his Christmas Day with family members fighting back the pain from his injury.

Ram, 27, a police officer for 18 months was shot in his abdomen two weeks ago after confronting men who allegedly earlier robbed a house in Marabella.

Isaac Simmons, 15, was shot and killed by police officers near the scene.

A 16-year-old faced the court days later charged with armed robbery of jewellery, electronics, video games and an assortment of alcohol. He was placed on bail.

Ram yesterday told the Express “I’m still in pain but I spent the day with my family.”

Ram who was placed on injury leave for 28 days said he continues to take medication for the pain.

He said his next appointment is scheduled for January.

He said that since the incident he had also received threats to his life. Ram said he intends to speak to a senior officer about this situation.


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