Trinidad Express / CONSTABLE Anand Ram will survive the gunshot injury sustained in an exchange of gunfire with a thief on Thursday, police have been told by his doctors.

Ram, 27, was said to be conscious and in “good spirits” last night when visited by his seniors and colleagues of the police service.

He is warded in stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital and may be discharged soon, a senior police officer told the Express.

There was no major internal damage caused by the bullet which entered the left side of his abdomen and exited through his back.

After CT scans were done last night, doctors decided that Ram did not require immediate surgery.

Instead he was constantly monitored and blood tests were run every four hours to check for lead poisoning.

Ram has been in the police service for the last year and a half.

He is not married nor has children.

He and three other members of the Gasparillo Police Station were the first police team to respond to a report of a robbery at Gopaul Lands, Marabella where they had a shootout with thieves.

Police said at around 5 p.m. three thieves robbed the home of a bank manager at Moze Drive.

They stole cash and household items, such as video games.

The thieves were attempting to run off the loot when Ram and three others caught up with one of them at Fahey Street, Union Park East.

Police said the thief fired at them and Ram was shot in the abdomen.

The thief was also shot.

He died at the scene. He was later identified as Isaiah Simmons, 15 of Train Line, Marabella.

A second suspected thief – a 16 year old close relative of Simmons – was arrested, while a third escaped.

The three other officers who were in the confrontation with Ram are expected to undergo psychological counselling to deal with the traumatic incident, a senior police officer said.


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