MiamiHerald / If Greater Miami were in the league of world-class cities — as our local boosters, including the mayor, like to brag — we would have a reliable and efficient public transportation system that serves all points in the county.

Far from it, we endure historic low reliability, curtailed operating hours and bus routes, and except for one new Metrorail train put into service two weeks ago, thousands ride daily on dirty old trains that operate jam-packed at peak hours.

It’s a disgrace , even more so when Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez campaigned on expanding and improving public transportation but allowed the deterioration on his watch.

To this scenario now comes the mayor seeking to break yet another promise: He wants to collect all of the $324,000 paycheck his recalled predecessor earned at a high-flying time when the county was giving away the house to the Marlins with a $515 million stadium, the Heat with a superbly generous contract, and the strong mayor with unmerited high pay.


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