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It’s that time of the year again. You know, when everyone starts making New Year’s resolutions they will never keep. When it comes to fitness, most people set vaguely defined and, for the most part, unrealistic resolutions.

‘I’m going to work out more.’ ‘I’m going to get fitter.’ ‘I’m going to lose weight.’ Popular New Year resolutions all, and, usually, they have nothing behind them except wishful thinking.

For 2018, let’s try something different! Set realistic goals; back those goals up with a firm plan and realistic timeline and 2018 may be the year you become fit 4 life.

Lose stubborn belly fat

Time: three months

Struggling to lose that belly fat you vowed to lose for 2017’s New Year resolution? For 2018, set a time goal and find a workout plan or personal trainer to guide you to your goal. Don’t forget nutrition. Remember, six packs are made in the kitchen.

Increase your strength

Time: six weeks

Nothing boosts morale like seeing the results of training, and improvements in strength are especially satisfying. Whether you focus on specific areas or overall strength, test yourself before you start and focus on multi-joint movements. Be sure to use enough weight to make it a challenge but not so much that you have to cheat your way through the reps.

Complete a 5k

Time: two months

Why not try to complete a 5k this year. And no, walking 4.9k and running .1k does not count. Boosting aerobic fitness and fueling up properly should help you run over both lines – start and finish. Focus on both steady-state cardio and HIIT and complete a few practice races to boost confidence.

Master something new

Time: three weeks to three months

Think you’ve done it all in the gym? Getting bored? Try learning a new skill or beating a different type of fitness goal. Try cross-fit or a 5k. Try dancing or boot camps. Try learning to do 12 strict pull-ups. Something new will jazz up your fitness programme.

Pack on some muscle

Time: three months

Boosting muscle mass goes a long way toward achieving most fitness goals. From fat loss to improving fitness, muscle growth offers nothing but improvement.

– Marvin Gordon is a fitness coach; email: [email protected] ; [email protected]


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