Trinidad Express / A Claxton Bay family is appealing for help in rebuilding their home after the structure collapsed on Wednesday.

Labourer Aftaz Sahadath, 53, of Forres Park Road said it would cost thousands of dollars to repair the damage.

Sahadath he recalled the events that could have killed him and his wife.

“It was about quarter to six and my wife was just about to cook. I heard this crackling sound and I knew something was wrong. I called out to her and in the blink of an eye the house just crashed. We barely escaped with our lives. My wife got some damage to her hand but nothing serious. It was frightening because in no time the house just fell down,” a disheartened Sahadath said.

Sahadath and his wife were the only occupants in the wooden structure at the time.

The house perched on wooden posts leaned forward and fell.

Sahadath said that since 2014 he applied to the National Self Help Commission for assistance and no help came.

“I applied for a $15,000 grant and I got nothing. When I checked back with them, they would say they have no documents. So where did my documents go? I working as a labourer, things hard out here for my family and I and everything I have to go to them it takes away from work I can be doing to provide for my family. I am not looking for handouts, but you know far $15,000 could help my family to rebuild. The regional corporation said they will try to help with Self Help and sending my papers again,” he said.

Sahadath said he was thankful that some of his relatives were willing to help him in demolishing the remaining house.

The Express contacted the National Self Help Commission and was told by an official that they will look into Sahadath’s matter.


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