Trinidad Express / THE PLAN by Vicky Boodram to escape was hatched in prison with the help of a female inmate.

This is a new twist which is being investigated by police who recaptured Boodram after three days on the run.

Boodram faces 175 fraud charges.

She left the Women’s Prison on Monday with the alleged assistance of a police officer who fell in love with her. 

Her run the law ended Thursday night as she was recaptured at a house at Lachoos Road, Penal at around 7 p.m.

A 22-year-old woman in the house, who police said was Boodram’s friend, was also detained.

A vehicle which police believe brought Boodram to the house was parked in the yard.

Police say the inmate assisted Boodram not only in the plan to escape, but was also assisting her in acquiring travel documents and money to leave the country.

Police believe Boodram was awaiting transport to go to Cedros and leave the country.

The Express was told police had been tracking her via cellphone for the last few days. Officers believe that she was tipped off they were closing in on her.

Yesterday, around midday, police received information that she was headed to Cedros and officers were waiting on her there.

It was later learnt she was tipped off by someone about the location of the police and she took a detour.

The Express was told police had conducted “heavy surveillance” in Penal and Siparia since her escape, as it was suspected she would return to her hometown.

Last night, Boodram and her friend were taken to the Penal Police Station.

A convoy of police vehicles later took Boodram to the Barataria Police Station, and the woman to the Belmont Police Station.

The woman is facing a charge of harbouring a fugitive.

Police said the new charges which Boodram could face were not “cut and dry” since she did left prison with permission from prison authorities who were presented with false documentation.


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