Jamaica Gleaner / When the executives at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) informed Janet Reid that she was being promoted as branch manager and would be transferred to Negril offices in Westmoreland, she was cautiously elated initially.

For her, this was welcoming news. However, bring a born-again Christian, she has learnt that God must be placed ahead of all things before she makes any final decision. And so, she asked God’s intervention and his guidance. She fasted and prayed for two days as she sought the answer.

And indeed, it came. God said yes! Her family also played a critical role in her making the decision to venture into a new territory.

Janet was quite happy with the move up the corporate ladder, but was saddened that she had to leave her colleagues at the Half Moon NCB Branch in Montego Bay, where she spent six years of her overall 18 years at NCB.

She headed the Half Moon Branch as its relationship manager, managing staff, as well as honing the best relationships with all her customers.

“What we had here was a family unit. It was really a lovely family to the extent where we supported each other to the max and to this family, I must say a very special thanks,” she said.

As she addressed the gathering at a farewell reception recently, Janet directed her attention to her staff: “Hear my heart: leaving family is very difficult for me, but forward steps have to be made, and in the interest of the bank, I have to make them.”

Janet is a mother of one child her son, 25, who is on his way to becoming a commercial pilot in the United States. They share a very close relationship, waking each other up at 4:30 a.m. daily to start the day off with their morning worship via WhatsApp.

Her son stays with her on the phone each evening after work from the moment she steps into her car, keeping her company until she enters her home.

She speaks highly of her fiance, whom she says is another vital source of support in her endeavours.

Reflecting on her promotion, Janet describes it as a blessing.

“I consider myself blessed to have worked at the Half Moon Branch. My employers have shown confidence in me with this new task. It has not been an easy decision for me, but as a child of God, I have derived the benefits of fasting and praying. I believe it is the right move for me now. To God be the glory,” Janet noted.

Janet attends the Glendevon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Montego Bay, where she is an active member.

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