Jamaica Gleaner / THE EDITOR, Sir:

When I see tweets like the one that accompanies my letter, I am forced to question whether the position of Robert Nesta Morgan, director of communications in the Office of the Prime Minister, is not one that should be ‘non-partisan’, since he is being paid by taxpayers of Jamaica, many of whom are not affiliated with the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)?

For Mr Morgan to be stalking Damion Crawford in such a manner that he takes interest in whether Mr Crawford forms any politically aligned group is troubling, as such a tweet smacks of intimidation coming from Mr Morgan.

I was not aware that Mr Morgan held shares in social media, to the point that he has become concerned over who might be forming groups and for what purpose.

Free speech and other freedoms afforded to Jamaicans under their Constitution have noticeably come under attack since the Andrew Holness-led JLP Government came to power. That, in and of itself, is a matter of concern.

With almost 1,600 Jamaicans being murdered since January, and civil servants seeking a pay increase, one would think that there would be more important issues for Mr Morgan to be concerned about than who is forming groups and where.

Honestly, if Mr Morgan cannot operate from a standpoint of non-partisan politics in his portfolio as director of communications, then he needs to resign and allow someone who can better function in such a capacity to do so, as for him to continue in this vein smacks of hypocrisy and is downright troublesome.


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