Trinidad Express / THREE years ago Sherry Davis was injured at her jobsite.

She is still awaiting compensation for the debilitating injuries.

Davis, 32, is now unable to work due to her injuries.

Her family can’t help financially and her husband works as a taxi driver to make ends meet.

Davis is scheduled for another surgery next year which will cost her over $5,000.

And she has to do it privately because the waiting list is too long at the public hospital.

Davis needs workmen’s compensation to pay for her operation.

On December 5, 2014, Davis was working in the meat room of Super Foods Supermarket in Claxton Bay, when a 20 foot H-beam crashed through the roof, falling onto her.

She suffered severe damage to her head as her scalp of her forehead peeled off. Her left arm now has a steel plate, and she suffers from breathing issues due to the injuries she sustained to her chest. She spent three months in hospital.

Davis had to return to doctors after her head began bleeding and this is where doctors found, “a foreign mass” she said.

“I don’t know why it is taking so long. I in pain all the time. It is not easy to live like this. I should be compensated. I didn’t cause this on myself. When I went to the bossman he told me, he can’t stretch his hat where he can’t reach. So what supposed to mean to me? That he don’t care at all for me and what happens to me. I could have died, so he would not care,” said Davis.

Davis husband, Roger Kennedy said that they changed their previous lawyer after that person failed to provide quality legal counsel.

Davis was expected to have a court matter in December but it was rescheduled for January.

Kennedy said that no one was taking their matter seriously and that they spoke to a representative from the insurance company after Davis was released from the hospital.

The representative attempted to persuade the family to drop any legal action against the supermarket, he said.

“The insurance claims manager asked us to drop the case against the supermarket and we refused, so now three years later we have to go to court to deal with this. The matter was postponed. My wife suffering. She has steel in her hand, her head keep bleeding, medications is expensive and I work as a taxi driver. She should get that workman compensation. She has to go back for surgery for the bleeding because there is something in her head and the time the hospital would take could be more damaging to her,” said Kennedy.

The Express contacted Davis’ legal counsel and a representative said that they are engaging with the insurance company to provide the compensation. When this would happen, the representative could not say.


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