Trinidad Express / A woman’s beach chair rental business in Maracas has been destroyed by vandals.

The blacken remains were identified by the owner, Jamelia Williams as beach chairs.

Williams, the manager of Livin Trini, a local beach chair rental company, says she lost 112 beach chairs by an act of vandalism.

She said, “I received a phone call about 4am this morning by someone who was walking along the beach. We are very known in the area for providing beach chairs and umbrellas for about seven years. The person who saw the aftermath of the fire gave my father a call. At that hour of the morning, the way things are right now in the country, we decided to wait until the sun came up to go and make a report at the police station.”

Williams said she went to the Maracas Police Station around 7a.m to make the report.

However, this is not the first time the family has had their property defaced.

Williams says, though the police plans on investigating the matter, she has doubts if the person or persons responsible would be captured.

Williams shared a video on Instagram showing the aftermath of the fire, and put up this post on social media this morning:

“A few days shy of the anniversary of our first large scale vandalism, I was awakened to hear that someone upped their game.

Last year some may remember, all our chairs at the Maracas Beach Facility were capsized and many of them were damaged.

Today, the perpetrators have successfully burnt 112 chairs to the ground, to nothing.

This a year after we called for proper security at the facility. A year after we called for order in addressing the issue of illegal vending, because after a list of complaints from our employees being physically assaulted, threats being laid upon myself and my family, to chairs being stolen and repainted even after we have branded them. Nothing has been done.

TDC is no longer, so it now falls on the Ministry of Tourism to address this, thousands have been lost, jobs are now at risk. What will we get? Sorry to hear that”.

Williams noted these acts of vandalism have been on-going, and she and her family have made numerous complaints to the TDC but to no avail.

She said, “We are the only contracted chair vendors at Maracas Beach but people from the community when they saw our business was prospering they also bought chairs and umbrellas. They created a competition but it is not a peaceful competition.”


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