Jamaica Gleaner / Opening a savings account at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) is now faster and simpler than ever. Through the new digital account opening solution, the bank has drastically reduced account opening times for customers.

The solution leverages in-branch tablets and technology which allows the bank to automatically populate some customers’ data fields based on information from their valid national identification. This, among other enhancements available via the solution, has reduced account opening time to 10 minutes for existing customers and 30 minutes for new customers – less than half the time of the traditional account opening process.

“Empowering customers with faster, simpler solutions to their banking needs and removing pain points are the keys to improving the customer’s banking experience and this new account opening solution does exactly that,” said Nadeen Matthews, chief digital and marketing officer.

“We remain committed to further reducing the account opening times and making this solution available to all our customers by early 2018,” Matthews added.

The solution is now available in 20 NCB locations and has been receiving rave reviews from customers.  “My experience opening an account online was awesome. It was great. It was fast and I enjoyed doing it,” said Zachery Smith, an NCB customer after interfacing with the bank’s new digital account opening solution.

The solution is the first project from NCB’s Agile Lab and was developed in less than six months compared to traditional development cycle of 18-24 months. The lab was opened on April 3 and is the only one of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean. Simply, Agile is a set of project management principles characterised by collaboration and responsiveness.

 Agile is used by international giants like Google and Amazon to significantly reduce time to market for software releases. This approach is being used by NCB to accelerate its digital transformation and reduce the time for product development.


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