Trinidad Express / Chaguanas police have confirmed that Coney Island in Chaguanas was not robbed.

Despite what was being circulated on social media on Thursday, police said that no robbery took place at the Coney Island. However, they did receive a report that a car was broken into on the compound of the amusement park.

Head of security at Coney Island, Kurt Anthony said he first heard about the alleged robbery of Coney Island on Facebook.

He said, “I saw a post, posted up by an individual saying that the amusement park was robbed, but that was a lie.”

“I knew it was a lie because I was at the amusement park, and no such incident like that took place.” 

Anthony noted, the false report did not cause him any problems, only to his client whose phone was flooded with calls.

He said, “Knowing how the crime rate is right now people were concern, but the report posted was false.

“The post was later taken down by the individual,” Anthony said.

According to a police official, it was not a robbery but an incident of someone’s car being broken into at Coney Island.

“Some members of the public are not aware of the difference, which sometimes lead to cases of larcenies such as car jacking and house breaking being reported as robberies,” the police said.


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