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The National Water Commission (NWC) has promised that it will be more aggressive in reducing arrears and increasing compliance, as it seeks to collect billions of dollars from its customers.

“We have been a little bit more aggressive in terms of going after delinquency and we are getting good responses,” Mark Barnett, NWC President, told RJR News .

He added that the agency will be carrying out a number of promotional activities shortly, “looking at how we can bring continuity and some consistency in customers paying their bills.”

Already he said there have been some improvements in customer responses.

The Commission on Friday reported that in October it prosecuted five customers in Portmore and Spanish Town, St Catherine who had outstanding balances totaling $7.5 million.

During a three-month period it had prosecuted more than 50 customers in its Eastern Division, the Commission revealed.

The NWC is also looking at other ways to further reduce its billing expenses, such as resorting to emailing bills to customers who have that facility, Barnett revealed.







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